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Entering our 13th year in 2020, we have established sales in over 100 countries around the world as well as at many major facilities here in the United States.  Our online presence is second to none.  We offer a variety of options from auctions to consignments, consulting to outright cash purchases of your facility, inventory and or excess items.  Let us take a look at your individual situation or send a list of items you want to turn into cash and we will make our best determination as to how to proceed for you.

Featured Services


Hospital, Clinic, Research Equipment, Inventory and Consumable Items - Single pieces or entire facilities


Research, Medical, Testing Equipment and Supplies - Specializing in Facility Shutdowns and End of Project Disposal

Do you have excess equipment and inventory

we can help you turn it into cash.


All Industries - Equipment, Tooling, Prototypes, Excess Inventory and Unused Items


We will buy, consign and/or auction all your excess inventory, outdated inventory and unused technologies.